Founded in 1983.

We are proud to be one of the oldest and largest real estate appraisal firms in Southwest Florida. For over 40 years, our team of licensed professionals has been at the forefront of offering real estate and problem-solving solutions to a diverse clientele, including private, commercial, and governmental clients.

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Our success is rooted in our ability to analyze the ever-changing real estate landscape. Our team of licensed professionals has combined appraisal experience of over 250 years, and our experience in both residential and commercial valuation provides market insight that is invaluable to our clients.

Large scale commercial assignments benefit from the ground level retail knowledge of the residential division. Conversely, residential assignments are enhanced by the market analysis skills of the commercial division.

Ground level retail knowledge is important when making determinations of highest and best use and in establishing credibility in our assignment results. We are the go-to experts for unique real estate appraisals, property tax appeals, market studies, and real estate consulting.

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Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons is a valuation services company with a core competency in real estate market analysis. We perform appraisals and consulting services for both residential and commercial properties. While many individuals think of real estate appraisal only in the context of financing, there are many situations that call for the professional opinion of a licensed real estate appraiser. Our mission is to serve as expert real estate problem solvers for our clients. Contact us today to get started working with one of the most trusted firms in Florida.

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My relationship with Matt Simmons and Maxwell Hendry spans more than two decades.  We regard Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons as the most important and most expert provider of property valuation reports in our area.  If we have a complex or especially high value transaction we would turn to Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons for their opinion of value.

David A. Wright, Sr. Vice President, Residential Lending, Sanibel Captiva Community Bank

Maxwell, Hendry and Simmons entire team provided incredible professionalism and help in the days and weeks after Hurricane Ian hit Southwest Florida.  Many of us were still in shock as we cleaned out our homes and neighborhoods, uncertain if we could repair our houses, all as we tried to understand local and federal rules and regulations, deal with insurance companies, and help our communities best we could. It is when times are really hard we learn about the quality of a business, and the people who work there.  Every step of the process each person at Maxwell, Hendry and Simmons was there to explain it, walk us through what needed to be done, answer every question both patiently and kindly—all so we know the real dollar value of our structure which isn’t just a structure to us, it is our home…the place we love.

Our deep gratitude and thanks to everyone at Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons.

Elizabeth P., Sanibel Resident

Very professional and competent. The top firm in the area.

Cindi Infiesto

This is the #1 appraisal firm in Southwest Florida. In my experience they know the market and are the experts with significantly more resources than any other firm. I have dealt with them on numerous occasions not only for my clients, but as a customer myself. We had a commercial transaction early this year and they were able to assist with variables we had not accounted for. Highly recommend them!

Brian Chapman, Jr. CLU, Agent/Owner, Chapman Insurance Group

Professional firm with detailed knowledge and experience in residential and commercial appraisals. They are my “go to” firm whenever one of my clients or I need an appraisal done, or have any questions about property values. Very responsive and friendly staff too.

Denise Chambre, Keller Williams

Edison National Bank / Bank of the Islands have been colleagues and customers with Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons for all our 25 years. They provide their services in a timely manner and their knowledge of the local residential and commercial real estate markets is difficult to match. Great company with awesome people.

Greg Blurton, Vice President | Senior Commercial Loan Officer, Edison National Bank

Honest, thorough, and really know their stuff. Thank you!

Jeff Rudd

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Simmons and his team at Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons, LLC on an appraisal that went to trial. Matt and his team were incredibly professional: the quality of the communication, analysis, reporting and billing was exceptional. They were able to to retrospective appraisals and present them in a way that they were clear and compelling. Matt gave evidence at the trial that I was counsel on in Ontario, Canada and he was easily qualified as an expert witness. His evidence was very well received and so much more professional than the other side’s appraiser – it was night and day. I would not hesitate to refer matters to Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons in the future and I can say, without reservation, that I highly recommend them.

Lorna Yates, Attorney, Laurel Family Law

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