Bankruptcy is always difficult to deal with, but it can be an effective way to restructure your finances, get a new start in your life, and avoid other monetary issues. If you plan to file for bankruptcy, one of your first steps should be to order a bankruptcy home appraisal.

Certified appraisers such as Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons can establish your home’s fair market value by looking at comps (comparable and recent home sales in the same geographic area) and many other factors, as well as by applying statistical analyses. We’ll generate an appraisal report, which uses factual data to determine and explain your home’s value.

Bankruptcy home appraisals are important because they can affect your bankruptcy hearing, as well as determine whether you will retain or lose your home. Our comprehensive bankruptcy appraisal report will determine the total equity in your property without any errors, inconsistencies, or issues.

It’s always best to hire experienced and state-licensed home appraisal professionals like Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons to minimize the chances of your report being rejected. You want the bankruptcy judge to accept your analysis of your home’s value, as this will potentially allow you to keep your home or sell it for a good price.

You should not attempt to do comps by yourself or order comparable market analyses from real estate agents. The court or your mortgage lender may also order their own real estate bankruptcy appraisals. You can hire Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons to review those appraisals or perform an analysis.

In these cases and more, our team will work diligently and consistently on your case to:

  • Determine the true, fair market value of your home
  • Generate a report you can bring to the judge
  • Provide advice and support throughout the bankruptcy process in relation to your real estate

Contact Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons today to learn more about our bankruptcy appraisal services.

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