Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is a right reserved to the federal government that allows the government to make a fair market value offer for your property if it needs the property for one reason or another. However, what constitutes “fair market value” can vary greatly.

If you are currently undergoing eminent domain, you need to know that the value determination made by the government is accurate and comprehensive. If you have doubts, or if you just want to make sure that you get what your property is really worth, it may be wise to hire appraisal experts like Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons.

Eminent domain appraisals investigate and report on everything that may impact a property and its potential market value. This includes:

  • The total square footage or land contained within the real estate lot
  • Any damage that may have occurred to the land
  • Any potential or future value the land may have provided to you or your state that the government is required to compensate you for

It’s important to hire your own appraisal if the government insists on purchasing your property. The government’s appraisal advisors may have overlooked certain elements of your property, resulting in an offer that is lower than what you expected or deserve.

Fortunately, all property owners have the right to another appraisal after the government’s initial offer. But not all appraising services are equal! You need to hire knowledgeable, experienced appraisers to ensure that your appraisal report is accurate and beneficial for your goals.

That’s where Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons comes in. As fully licensed and experienced appraising experts, we’re the best choice to ensure that your property is appraised, analyzed, and reported on accurately and fairly.

With our help, you’ll get an offer that suits your needs and that feels fair, especially considering the inconvenience the government may be forcing.

Contact Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons today to learn more about how we can help with eminent domain appraisals.

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