Insurable Value

Property insurance is an important part of owning any property, whether residential, commercial, or something else. After all, the right insurance policy will protect you from having to pay out-of-pocket for major property damage or repair costs/

However, you need to value your property comprehensively and accurately to ensure that your property meets certain insurance requirements.

For example, businesses have to maintain the right amount of commercial property insurance so that they are properly covered for many different hazards, such as natural disasters, fires, etc. Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons and perform valuations of real estate to determine your property’s insurable value.

In this way, you’ll know:

  • Whether your current insurance coverage is adequate for your needs or to meet real estate ownership guidelines
  • The basis premiums you’ll have to make to maintain your insurance coverage
  • How to acquire proof of loss coverage
  • Whether you should acquire more insurance coverage or a different policy
  • And more

Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons’s thorough property valuations will look at not just the square footage of your property but also its location, unique features or elements inherent in the property’s lot, and much more. With our extensive experience, we can make sure that you know and understand your properties’ insurable value and that you are well-insured for any possibility.

When you contract Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons for an insurable value appraisal, we’ll determine:

  • How valuable your property is in general or in detail, depending on your needs
  • What level of insurance is likely necessary for comprehensive coverage or for your specific goals
  • What the insurable value of the property is relative to its total value (i.e., what can and cannot be insured by standard policies)

Armed with this information, you’ll be better equipped to pick the right insurance policy for your unique needs. Contact Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons today to learn more.

Our Services

Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons is a valuation services company with a core competency in real estate market analysis. We perform appraisals and consulting services for both residential and commercial properties. While many individuals think of real estate appraisal only in the context of financing, there are many situations that call for the professional opinion of a licensed real estate appraiser. Our mission is to serve as expert real estate problem solvers for our clients. Contact us today to get started working with one of the most trusted firms in Florida.