Partial Interests

If you own a property with less than 100% interest, you may qualify for certain discounts. Partial ownership applies in a variety of circumstances, such as when you own part of a business facility, like a restaurant or manufacturing center, or when you jointly own residential real estate, like a multifamily apartment complex, with a fellow rental landlord.

Partial or fractional interest discounts may apply to limited partnership, general partnership, limited liability company, tenants-in-common, C and S corporate stock, and undivided interests.

Property owners may qualify for this discount if their ownership interest demonstrates a lack of control over the operation or disposition of owned real estate. In other cases, property owners may qualify for a partial interest discount if they display a lack of marketability because of the difficulty in selling their interest (i.e., their interest is not publicly traded or easily financeable).

Regardless, Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons is well-equipped to help you determine if you qualify for partial interest discounts. We can also thoroughly and comprehensively value or appraise your ownership interests, no matter what percentage of interest you have for a particular property.

It’s absolutely essential that you hire experts to conduct a proper analysis if you wish for your partial interest claim to be accepted by the IRS come tax season. We continually update our national database of fractional interest sales and other transactions, and we have the expertise you need to get the discount you deserve or tackle any other tax situation.

However, it’s also important to get a partial interest valuation from trusted advisors like Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons if you wish to sell your partial interest. Say that you want to stop owning a particular building or business interest. Only with a thorough and accurate evaluation will you be able to ask for the appropriate price for your exit.

Contact Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons today to learn how our partial interest valuations may be right for you.

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