A relocation appraisal is an important tool you can order before moving corporate offices or business premises. In a nutshell, a relocation appraisal provides an estimate for a piece of real estate’s sales price.

Ordering a relocation appraisal could be a wise idea, especially if you contract knowledgeable experts like Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons. When you order a relocation appraisal from us, you’ll get comprehensive service that includes:

  • A detailed look at all the factors for a piece of real estate, like the design of the building, comparable sales or “comps,” the overall appeal of the property, the current market status, etc.
  • An explanation of features or inclusions that may increase the price of a given property, like curb appeal, extra space outdoors, or a fantastic location
  • A detailed appraisal report you can use when applying for financing or before listing your previous offices on the market.

Companies that wish to sell property or buy property can use relocation appraisals to excellent effect. The right relocation appraisal will allow you to:

  • List your property for a profitable price, enabling you to put more money toward your next corporate offices
  • Purchase corporate offices or some other business space for a fair price instead of having to overspend or haggling too long with a current owner

In both of these cases, you’ll benefit from having the best appraisal professionals on your side. Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons has tackled relocation appraisals for years, and our team can use modern tools, statistical analyses, and other means to ensure your property is appraised accurately and beneficially.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your upcoming relocation appraisal.

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